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High quality PVC-u Martins Windows use only PVC-u that conforms to British Standard BS7413 and BS7950 relating to the strength, rigidity and colourfastness tour product.

Fusion Welded Frames All Martins Windows frames are fully welded by machinery reaching the standards of BS EN ISO 9002, to ensure a consistently strong, high quality product for our customers. The frames themselves, have been tested to the British standard for continued operation and strength

Galvanised Steel Reinforces Frames Martins Windows reinforces all PVC-u frames as requires using a corrosion resistant galvanised steel that conforms to British Standard relating to material, coating and cold forming and dimensions. In addition, all reinforcement are fixed securely in place using British Standard approved screws.

28mm Low-E Glazed Unit The low emissivity glazing that creates your windows has several benefits. Its insulating qualities retain hear within the home in cold weather, saving energy costs, whilst, in summer, they help moderate the effects of the sun, thus maintaining a pleasant internal temperature.

Internally Beaded Windows Prevent the removal of the units from the outside. The combination of a sculputed bead and low line gasket means that your widows look beautiful whilst its construction provides a simple highly effective deterrent.

Corner Shoot Bolts All casements windows are fitted with twin reverse action shootboltespagnolettes. These lock into place on the upper and lower corners of the opening face outer frame of your windows providing strength and rigidity. This makes it virtually impossible for your windows to be jemmied wither up or down for removal by intruders.

Cam LockS Up to 4 rolling cam locks are fitted to every casement window. The smooth operation of the heads as they slot into the fixing ensure your windows won’t stick or jam whilst providing you with exceptional security.

Security Bolts Your window has security features fitted on all four sides for maximum protection. Nestled between the high security hinged a specially designed received within the frame and so ensuring the immovability of the window within the frame.

High Security Hinges Martins windows use only high performance security hinges tested by the British Board of agreement and manufactures to the standards of BE EM ISO 9011:1994

Auto Deadlocking Handle They key to you home security system. Simply turning the handle activates the security features mentioned above, and means that your home is now secure and protected again unwelcome visitors.